Term paper: what is that and how to write?

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Are you sure you know how to write a term paper? After all, this is not just a great essay, but a real scientific work with goals, objectives, conclusions, annotation, and review. Just do not panic in advance: it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Inexperienced students are often plagued by questions: “When should we start preparing for the course? For a year, a month, a week, a night?” Of course, hardly anyone will start training much in advance. But there are things that need to be done as early as possible. For example, choose a teacher.

First, future topics for coursework depend on professors’ area of ​​interest. Secondly, teachers have different characters: the general level of intractability and stubbornness is different for everyone. And the sooner you “grab” yourself more or less flexible, the more comfortable the course work will be written taking into account all the rules of writing.

Theme selection

When you have chosen a supervisor whose interests are close to you, it’s time to discuss with him the topics that he can offer you. We recommend taking a time out for a week and considering how to choose a topic for a term paper.


Once you have decided on the topic, start drawing up a plan. To make a plan correctly is simple science. In order to write your own coursework, make two plans: abstract and detailed.

Sketch a short abstract plan (an example you will find in the article) and show it to the supervisor. After his corrections and comments, proceed to the final version. Each paragraph is described in one paragraph or sentence: what will you write about and what question to open.


Typically, teachers themselves provide the main sources of literature. But this is not all books and scientific works that can be used to correctly write a term paper. Monographs, articles in journals, foreign publications – this is an incomplete list of what can and should be involved in the course project.

It is recommended to use at least 4 main sources. Just by rewriting the head of someone’s coursework, the coveted top five will not get. So read and learn how to write a term paper. Let’s start with the theory.

Information on the Internet

Digitization is our everything. In the world wide web, you can find 1000 digitized books, theses, monographs, textbooks, translations, which will greatly facilitate the search for the necessary information.

Do not forget about the percentage of uniqueness of work. Simply splitting one or another chapter of the course, you will not only make the teacher angry (they, too, are not stupid and know how to surf the Internet), but also secure the negative glory of the lover of freebies and simple ways.