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[Rental Equipment]

We can provide any equipment that you need - desktop computers, printers, laptops,and extra monitors to help showcase your convention. This equipment is warehoused by us and everything is arranged and set-up before the meeting.

[Exhibitor Lead Retrieval]

MEETING/aide Inc leverages state of the art lead retrieval systems to ensure all exhibitors maximize their business development efforts at our events. We offer two systems. The EXPO! Leads2Go system allows maximum portability and performance in a powerful package about the size of a PDA. The EXPO! Database Builder deploys a terminal like component, about the size of a telephone. Both systems use dynamic software which records all key information contained on the magnetic stripe or barcode on the attendee badge and makes the data immediately available for analysis and business development efforts.

Typically, the data includes name, title, company name, location, size of company, industrial classification, badge holders decision making authority. Each exhibitor can quickly and easily collect, print, sort, and store on a floppy disk all information appearing on a trade show attendee's badge. Information not appearing on attendee badges such as demographics and profiles obtained from questionnaire responses can also be embedded into the magnetic stripe or barcode of the badge. Upon completion of an event, all lead information is immediately available on a disk inside the terminal and is ready for immediate "import" into any sales/customer center system.


[Cyber Cafe]

Give your attendees the computing services they need. We will deliver a computer room where attendees can check their email or network with each other using computing tools. Keep it open during breaks for use as an internet cafe, then use it during seminars as workshops and for presentations.

Click here to learn more about our cyber cafe.

[Cyber Kiosks]

Speed up onsite registration and badge pickup using kiosks. They are fully automated and each kiosk can handle thousands of clients without a problem. This simple solution for any size conference and has the power to reduce long lines down to a few attendees. They can also be used for showcasing the conference, providing information such as the conference schedule or maps. A few different options are shown below that can complement any conference.

Click here to learn more about our cyber kiosks.

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