Ph.D. length recommendations

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When writing a Ph.D. thesis, a graduate student needs to know many nuances regarding the content and design of the work. The thesis is not a school essay or an essay, but a significant scientific work – qualification work for the degree of candidate of science. It is natural that there are a lot of requirements for it. All of them, of course, is mandatory, otherwise, the work will not be allowed to protect. One of the important points to pay attention to is the volume of the thesis.

Candidate dissertation consists of the following elements and has the according length:

1. Title page.

2. Table of Contents

3. The content part.

4. References.

5. Applications.

6. List of terms and conventions.

There are no officially regulated requirements for the volume of the thesis. However, there are recommended volumes, to adhere to which is the rule of good tone in the scientific community. Thus, the total volume should be 150–200 pages for the candidate’s work and 300–400 pages for the doctoral one. These figures are given in relation to the humanitarian direction. The workload of the technical direction is usually less.

Each part of the master’s thesis has its own recommendations for the volume and content. The introduction, the chapters from the 3rd to the 5th and the conclusion are the components of the substantive part of the work. The recommended volume of the entire content is not less than 120, but not more than 150 pages. Of these, 5–10 pages are allocated for the introduction. The remaining number of pages should be evenly distributed between the chapters. It should be borne in mind that conclusions are added to each chapter. By volume, all chapters should be approximately the same. The allowable difference between them is 10-15 pages. If there is a chapter that is significantly larger or smaller than the others, it is better to make corrections right away so that you do not have to rewrite everything later.

Applications and references in the total number of pages of work are not included. There are no restrictions on their volume. Thesis pages are printed on the computer.

Remember that the dissertation is too large in volume – “grief” for your scientific opponents. And their reviews and speeches on defense are significant. So appreciate your time and others: write in moderation and be succinct. “Brevity is the sister of talent,” as the great A. Chekhov said.

It will not be superfluous to remind that the dissertation for the degree must be issued at a high level. It misplaced jargon, emotional and expressive vocabulary, subjective statements, spelling and punctuation errors. And the volume of the thesis must meet the requirements, be sufficient and reasonable.