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[Improve Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops]

Give your attendees the computing services they need. We will deliver a computer room where attendees can check their email or network with each other using computing tools. Keep it open during breaks for use as an internet cafe, then use it during seminars as workshops and for presentations.

Overcome the usual problems inherent in large gatherings like missed connections, rescheduled events, hard-to-find exhibitors, and difficulties communicating from the show floor. Cyber Cafe features include:

  • Email Messaging: Giving attendees email access from the convention floor lets people maintain communication with their offices and coworkers. Instead of searching frantically for a fax machine, information can be emailed to an attendee or important material sent to the office.
  • Internal Messaging: Conventions and meetings are opportunities to network, meet with clients and suppliers, even to see old friends. Internal messaging permist people to find, meet with and correspond with one another easily.
  • Internet Browsers: Give attendees managed access to the Internet, and at the same time highlight your organization's own web site by providing a Cyber Cafe from the convention floor.
  • Event Locator: Let attendees locate special events, seminars, speakers, etc., along with details of the event -- even a map to the event's location. Attendees can also create customized schedules for themselves.
  • Exhibit Locator: Help attendees find particular products and/or vendors, along with details of the vendor's offerings -- even a map to the exhibitor's site. A vendor referral feature can also collect the names of the attendees who want further information about particular products.
  • People Finder: Make it easier for colleagues to get together by providing the addresses of and maps to hotels being used by attendees.
  • Announcement Boards: Last minute schedule changes need no longer be difficult to disseminate. Now, notify attendees of special events or adjustments in just seconds.
  • Virtual Exhibit Floor: A web-bages application reproducts the layout and occupants of the exhibit floor. In advance of the convention, attendees can click on any booth to see who's exhibiting or to get details of the vendor's product. Attendees can even produce a map of the exhibit floor.
  • Self Administered Survey: Feedback is essential for planning and improving future events. Take a survey while impressions and reactions are still fresh.

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