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Thank you for contacting us. Please complete your information below so we can get a good idea of the background of your company and the meeting you are planning. The information that you send us is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone or sold to any third-parties.

Background Information
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Company: *
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1. How was pre-registration handled in the past?

Outsourced, Vendor name was
Remained in-house
Registration forms sent to registration company for data entry, payment processing, etc....
Registration forms were sent to you (client) for payment processing and then batched forms were sent to registration company for data entry
Registration forms were sent to you (client) for processing data, then transferred to registration company

2. What will you need for your meeting?

Meeting planning assistance
Registration brochure and form design
Setup & coordination of event bank account
Online registration with secure credit card payment processing
Manual credit card processing
Housing services
Air reservations
Ticketed sessions/events
Ticketed sessions will need to be tracked for space limitations
Continuing education unit tracking via bar code scanning
Fulfillment services (i.e. stuffing packets, tote bags, etc....)
Attendee call center

3. Where will attendees be sending their registration forms?

Directly to you (client)
Directly to MEETING/aide, Inc.

4. Will you want MEETING/aide, Inc. to track exhibitor booth allotments?

Yes No

5. Will you want badges for exhibitors?

Yes No

6. Will MEETING/aide, Inc. be required to access a membership file to determine registration fees?

Yes No

7. How do you want confirmation letters sent (check all that apply)?


8. An experienced MEETING/aide, Inc. account executive will work closely with you and your staff from the beginning stages of registration to the completion of your meeting. How would you like to receive reports?


9. How will the printed badges be distributed?

Printed in advance, mailed to attendees before show
Printed & stuffed into individual packets, sorted by name and held for onsite pickup


Onsite Registration

1. How was onsite registration handled in the past?

Handled by in-house staff
Handled by registration company

2. How many exhibiting companies (not booths) will be at the show?

3. What type of lead retrieval system was used in the past?

4. If you used a system in Question 3, about how many lead retrieval units were rented out at the last meeting?

5. Will you need MEETING/aide, Inc. to hire staff for onsite registration?

Yes No

6. MEETING/aide, Inc. can help you with your selection of sponsorship items. We offer low prices on all of our products, allowing you to rake in the profits. Please check all the items you might have an interest in.

Cyber Cafe (Internet Access Area for your attendees)
Messenger Board
Survey Program
Product Directory
Session Directory
Badge Holders
Tote Bags
Promotional Items (shirts, pens, hats, clocks, etc.)

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